I would like to place a challenge to all our friends and educators.
What is the challenge?
The challenge is to post either how you use or would use your EDUCATOR Plus Full Color Poster Printer in your school.
  1. Share with us how the EDUCATOR Plus has or would change your school.
  2. Share your thoughts on the power of Visual Learning.
  3.  Share photos of your school visuals. These could be printed on your EDUCATOR Plus or any poster printer. They could be handmade.
  4. Share your thoughts on why your schools needs the EDUCATOR Plus. Or share why your school purchased the EDUCATOR Plus.
  5. Share your thoughts on what is important to you when it comes to having a poster printer.
  6. Add any additional comments you would like. (ex: How great Tonas Graphics is, How handsome the management team is, etc…)
  7. Share our link with as many of your friends, colleagues, family members that you can. Have them make a post and enter your name in the post.

The winner of this challenge will be selected by me (Larry). I will be personally donating a very special prize to the winning person / school.


I will be choosing a winner February 28th 2017 and will be posting the winner during our March 1st Facebook & Blog Post.


The more feedback and shares ,  the more  generous I will feel!

(Trust me, I can be real generous)  🙂

Good Luck!
Larry Girty Sales / Support Services Manager