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Tonas Graphics adds School Branding Option to EDUCATOR Plus® Poster Printer

Branding CD Sample iWEB

Who uses branding for marketing?

Schools, Colleges and Universities s essential for their success. Good branding gives the school a strong advantage in everything from generating awareness to fundraising.  Students, parents and visitors will all associate a school with its logo, colors and motto.  

What is the EDUCATOR Plus® Poster Printer Branding Program?

Tonas Graphics now offers its EDUCATOR Plus® Poster Printer customers a collection of their own distinctive brand including school logo, motto and mascot into the EDUCATOR Plus® software templates for printing on posters, banners and signs. It’s a simple and effective way to promote strong visual identity of your school to students, parents and visitors every day.

Where should school logos, mottos and mascots be used ?

Display your logo, motto and mascot on posters, banners and signs throughout the school. Incorporate your schools distinctive brand on all your schools visual communications made with the EDUCATOR Plus. Promote your school brand on posters, banners and signs in classrooms, hallways, lobbies, auditorium, gym and cafeteria. A well defined and placed school brand will instantly have a positive effect upon your school.

When is the time to add this school identity program?

Between June 15th and August 15Th Tonas Graphics is offering an introductory collection of your school’s logo, motto and mascot digitized on a CD for unlimited use with your EDUCATOR Plus Poster Printer for only $99 !

Order Now with Larry Girty, Call 800-535-7553 or email at [email protected]

( Must be active supply customers that uses a EDUCATOR Plus  Canon Model# iPF760, 750, 710, 700, 650, 610, 605 or 600).