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April In The Classroom


April is the start of Spring and Great Spring Activities in Schools

Math Education Month

Mixing Math and Fun

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SKITTLE GAME (Keeping track of points is math) Materials needed: Container, 2-3 pkgs. of Skittle candies (depending on number of kids and tables playing), score sheet, paper and pencils • Find a deep, clean, non-see-through container to pour in several bags of skittles. • Make a point chart on paper or blackboard for the different colored Skittles. • An example is purple 5 pts, green 10 pts, yellow 20 pts, orange 25 pts, and red 30 pts. • Divide into teams and have one person at a time from each team, draw out a Skittle. • The team is awarded the points for the color that is pulled out. The drawer gets to eat the Skittle. The first team to reach 500 pts is the winner. Tip: You can use any kind of candy that has MANY COLORS…also a great transition activity or to get the group to quiet down! imagesB1IAHVQH


Annually celebrated on April 28, it is National Great Poetry Reading Day.  This day celebrates great poetry and the great poets that wrote them. As an art form, poetry may predate literacy.  Epic poetry appears to have been composed in poetic form to aid memorization and oral transmission in prehistoric and ancient societies.  It is directly from folk songs that other forms of poetry developed. There are different forms of poetry including: Sonnet, Shi, Villanelle, Tanka, Haiku, Ode, and Ghazal. As well as different genres including: Narrative poetry, Epic poetry, Dramatic poetry, Satirical poetry, Lyric poetry, Elegy, Verse fable, Prose poetry and  Speculative poetry. Some of the well-known, great poets include:  William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Robert Frost, Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson and T.S. Eliot.  It is a good day to settle back, relax and read with your favorite poetry.


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Introduce recycling to your school by having kids set up a recycling bin for paper. Ask school officials to set up bins in the cafeteria for plastic, aluminum and glass. Students can help educate their schoolmates about recycling by designing posters that describe what can and cannot be place in each recycling bin.

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Happy Administrative Professionals Day