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National Bullying Prevention

bullying%20hurtsOctober is National Bullying Prevention Month.  Begun by PACER’S National Bullying Prevention Center in 2006, it is a full month of activities, education, and awareness-building.  PACER has partnered with multiple organizations and corporations, from NEA to Disney, to educate and issue a call to action for societal change.  

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October 7th World Bullying Prevention Day

Stop BullyingOctober 7th is World Bullying Prevention Day. Schools are a primary place where bullying can happen. Helping to establish a supportive and safe school climate where all students are accepted and knowing how to respond when bullying happens are key to making sure all students are able to learn and grow. There are many tools on specific for teachers, administrators, and other school staff.

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September – Back to School

It’s a brand-new year, chock-full of new opportunities!

We have compiled some exciting things happening in September.

Uncle Sam’s Birthday is in September 1813            September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day

Uncle Sams BDAY pizza2

September 6th is Read a Book Day                                                September 7th is Labor Day

book lover


September 8th International Literacy day                                       September 9th Teddy Bear Day


September 10th is Swap Idea Day                                                  September 11th will never be forgotten

swap idea daySeptember11

September 12th is National Chocolate Shake Day      September 13th is Positive Thinking Day



Also on September 13th lets not forget our Grandparents!

grandparent day

September 14th, 1814  Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner

Francis scott key

September 16th Mayflower Day                                   September 17th, 1787 the Constitution was signed

mayflower day

constitution signed      
September 19th “Talk Like A Pirate Day”                     September 20th The First Railroad Station opened


September 21st InternationalPeace Day        September 22nd, 1789 First US Post Office opened

peace day

September 23rd First Day of Autum              September 25th, 1513 Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean
September 1825 First Steam Locomotive runs             September 29th, 1775 U.S. Army established


US army  
September 30th, 1849 Safty Pin invented

Safty Pin


August Fun



It is hard to believe it is August already.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting a well deserved break.  The Tonas Graphics Team is enjoying the summer and very excited to start the new school year with many great updates and additions to our EDUCATOR Plus package.  Stay tuned for the exciting news later in August.

Below are some historic events that happend in August.  

AUGUST 3, 1492 


Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain, heading west through uncharted seas.  Over two months later, on October 12, his three ships landed in the Bahamas.  Did you know that even the largest of the ships, the Santa Maria, was less than 100′ in total length – far smaller than most modern luxury yachts.


AUGUST 9 – National Book Lovers Day

book lover

Grab a good book and find some shade!


AUGUST 13 – International Left Handers Day


Some things you can do to help your left-handed students fit into a right-handed world: 

– Seat “lefties” on the left side of shared writing spaces to avoid bumping elbows with right-handed neighbors.  – Be aware that left-handed learners will sometimes form letters in a different direction from right-handed learners. – And remember that they may need extra attention in mastering a correct writing grip.  

AUGUST 18, 1920 – 19th Amendment Passes

19th amend Passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment guarantees all American women the right to vote. Achieving this milestone required a lengthy and difficult struggle; victory took decades of agitation and protest. Beginning in the mid-19th century, several generations of woman suffrage supporters lectured, wrote, marched, lobbied, and practiced civil disobedience to achieve what many Americans considered a radical change of the Constitution. Few early supporters lived to see final victory in 1920.<br

AUGUST 18 – Bad Poetry day

poetry-quotes-620x3501 Bad Poetry Day is celebrated on the 18th of August each year. There are several reasons why this holiday came into existence. The main reason however that is it is a day when a person can fight back and throw bad poetry at the very people who forced them to write or listen to good poetry. Your old high school English teacher, for example.

AUGUST 21, 1959- Hawaii Becomes the 50th State


AUGUST 29th – International Bat Night 


Celebrated in over thirty countries since 1993.

Bat Conservation International ( has “bat trunk” lesson kits available to educators.                                    

May In The Classroom

May is an exciting time in the classroom. Many schools are wrapping up state testing and wrapping up the year.

Here are just a few things going on in May.


May 1st, Mother Goose Day

Motto: “Either alone or in sharing, read childhood nursery favorites and feel the warmth of Mother Goose’s embrace.”
Mother Goose Day was founded in 1987 by Gloria T. Delamar in tandem with the publication of her book, Mother Goose; From Nursery to Literature (MFarland Pub.). The day is now listed in many calendars of events and celebrated throughout the United States. It has been noted by municipalities, a cereal producer, banks, etc. and has a particular appeal to Kindergarten-Primary grades, libraries, and nursing homes.
The preface to The Only True Mother Goose Melodies (1843) showed an illustration of an old crone patting two toddlers on the head. Underneath were the words:

May 4th-8th, National Teachers Week


Teachers give us so much. And though we know we can’t ever thank them enough, we can take a moment during National Teacher Week to share our appreciation for the special educators in our lives

May 6th, National Nurses Day



May 10th, Mothers Day


May 14th,

Beginning of Lewis and Clarks Expedition 1804

The Lewis and Clark Expedition, also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition, was the first American expedition to cross what is now the western portion of the United States, departing in May 1804, from near St. Louis on the Mississippi River, making their way westward through the continental divide to the Pacific coast.

May 16th, Armed Forces Day


May 25th, Memorial Day

untitled (7)

April In The Classroom


April is the start of Spring and Great Spring Activities in Schools

Math Education Month

Mixing Math and Fun

image (2)

SKITTLE GAME (Keeping track of points is math) Materials needed: Container, 2-3 pkgs. of Skittle candies (depending on number of kids and tables playing), score sheet, paper and pencils • Find a deep, clean, non-see-through container to pour in several bags of skittles. • Make a point chart on paper or blackboard for the different colored Skittles. • An example is purple 5 pts, green 10 pts, yellow 20 pts, orange 25 pts, and red 30 pts. • Divide into teams and have one person at a time from each team, draw out a Skittle. • The team is awarded the points for the color that is pulled out. The drawer gets to eat the Skittle. The first team to reach 500 pts is the winner. Tip: You can use any kind of candy that has MANY COLORS…also a great transition activity or to get the group to quiet down! imagesB1IAHVQH


Annually celebrated on April 28, it is National Great Poetry Reading Day.  This day celebrates great poetry and the great poets that wrote them. As an art form, poetry may predate literacy.  Epic poetry appears to have been composed in poetic form to aid memorization and oral transmission in prehistoric and ancient societies.  It is directly from folk songs that other forms of poetry developed. There are different forms of poetry including: Sonnet, Shi, Villanelle, Tanka, Haiku, Ode, and Ghazal. As well as different genres including: Narrative poetry, Epic poetry, Dramatic poetry, Satirical poetry, Lyric poetry, Elegy, Verse fable, Prose poetry and  Speculative poetry. Some of the well-known, great poets include:  William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Robert Frost, Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson and T.S. Eliot.  It is a good day to settle back, relax and read with your favorite poetry.


image (3)


Introduce recycling to your school by having kids set up a recycling bin for paper. Ask school officials to set up bins in the cafeteria for plastic, aluminum and glass. Students can help educate their schoolmates about recycling by designing posters that describe what can and cannot be place in each recycling bin.

untitled (6)

Happy Administrative Professionals Day 


All Poster Printers Are
NOT Created Equal

If you are in the market for a poster printer, it is a must to educate yourself on several key pieces of information.


What make and model is the printer that is included in this package?


 Many companies include older models of printers in their package.   This allows them to specify a well known manufacturer such as Canon, however using old technology and charging new technology pricing is a way they maximize profits. ( An example of this would be reflected in the Perfecta, Learn On Demand, Education Pro, Varsity, ProColor and the EcoColor Poster Makers)

Is the system you are considering a 24″ or 36″ Printer?


Many companies include a 24″ wide system in their package.  The only positive of a 24″ printer is that the footprint is 14″ shorter than a 36″ printer.  The negatives of the 24″ system greatly outweigh the positive.  24″ printers do not provide you the versatility to print 36″x 48″ posters that are great for the Auditorium, Gymnasium, Cafeteria or the Lobby.  24″ is not going to fulfill all your visual needs.  Also the 24″ systems are designed similar to our desktop printers.  They eat a ton of ink when compared to a 36″ system.  The technology is just not the same.  Don’t purchase a 24″ system that is going to cost you thousands of dollars more in ink and limit the versatility of your poster printer.  Just as important a 44″ wide system is to large for most schools.  Unless you have a specific need for a 44″  printer there will be a lot of waste and scraps when using a 44″ printer for standard size poster printing.


 What education specific content is included with the printer?


There are many resellers that offer any make and model printer you desire, such as Canon, HP, Epson etc…  However when choosing the poster printer for your school you need to consider the experience the reseller has when it comes to working with schools.  A printer with no education specific content (ex: software, education specific templates, clipart, visual learning content etc…) will bring very little education specific value to the school, unless there is already a visual learning program in place.


 What education specific training program and on going Staff Development is offered?


The training program and on-going staff development program is what makes a poster printer a valuable visual learning and  visual communication tool for the school.  Without a training program that is in place and one that offers on-going staff development you are purchasing a printer that will go unused and most likely will not be a true educational tool that the entire school can benefit from.


 What are the cost of supplies such as ink and material?


The initial cost of the equipment is one thing to consider.  However the on-going ink consumption and ink cost is very important.  Make sure to ask how many posters you can expect to get out of a set of ink.  Any company that is working with schools should have this information built into their program.  Don’t accept the answer “That depends on what you are printing”.  This is obvious, however the ink cartridges have a specific amount of ink in them that will produce a specific square foot worth of printing.  If they say they do not know, it is because they do not want to tell you.

Tip to remember:  The less expensive the printer , the more you will pay for ink. Know these details: Ink cartridge size. – Ink cartridge cost. – How many ink cartridges are required? – Can the printer run out of ink in the middle of a print?  

 What all can you do with the printer?


Many companies will try to sell you multiple machines to provide you with a solutions for different applications such as Award Making, Cutouts, Banners, Decals and Stickers, T-Shirt Transfers.  The truth is with the right program in place, these applications and much more are available when you choose the right printer.  It is just a matter of having a program that teaches you these applications and how they can be created from 1 poster printer.  The correct printer will have these options available for you if you choose to tap into those options.  Don’t be fooled by being told you don’t need all that versatility.  The versatility is already there with the technology of full color printers.  The problem is most companies do not want to take the time and inform you of these options or they just do not know these features for lack of working in a school and understanding the needs of many schools.


There are many other things to consider when choosing the right printer for your school.  These are just a few important pieces to consider.


For more information visit:

where you can get detailed information on choosing the right printer for your school. Or contact us at 800-535-7553 and speak to an education consultant.