March Into Spring


Spring is right around the corner.  There are many exciting things happening in March.


Women’s History MonthMarch Women History

In 1911 in Europe, March 8 was first celebrated as International Women’s Day. In many European nations, as well as in the United States, women’s rights was a political hot topic. Woman suffragewinning the vote — was a priority of many women’s organizations. Women (and men) wrote books on the contributions of women to history. But with the economic depression of the 1930s which hit on both sides of the Atlantic, and then World War II, women’s rights went out of fashion. In the 1950s and 1960s, after Betty Friedan pointed to the “problem that has no name” — the boredom and isolation of the middle-class housewife who often gave up intellectual and professional aspirations — the women’s movement began to revive. With “women’s liberation” in the 1960s, interest in women’s issues and women’s history blossomed.


National Nutrition Month

March Nutrition Month Nutrition! National Nutrition Month® offers an opportunity to spotlight healthy eating and physical activity messages at home, school, work, and in your community.  Visit the link for some healthful activities for all grades.


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